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My Background

 Derrick graduated from Keiser university in 2006 with a 1000 Hr A.S. in Massage Therapy. He has spent his years immersing himself in various practices and modalities related to the mind/body world with hobbies including a meditation facilitator and practitioner since 2014 as well as going on to become a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in 2018 and a RYT-200 Yoga Teacher in 2021. Derrick utilizes his experiences over the years to create a unique massage experience. A massage style based in Neuromuscular with a blend of Facilitation/Inhibition techniques from Physical Therapy and Yogic practices elicited with an intuitive mindful approach to release negative holding patterns of the body.  Through releasing the body, we can better release the Mind for a feeling of ultimate relaxation and realignment.

Derrick spends his free-time participating in High Intensity Interval Training and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other assorted Mixed Martial Arts as well as hiking up in the Freshwater Springs that north Florida is well known for. Reading Sci-fi books and movies is a passion as well as healthy eating habits and mentoring people on habit change for improved holistic lifestyles.

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that this world can get upside down rather quickly, We need to take care of ourselves so that when the chaos comes, we can greet it from a place of stillness.. Give yourself a break and book a session with Derrick today, Your future self will thank you.

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