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The body is a biological emotional finger trap.

Updated: May 21

Very often the unexpressed emotions we carry get caught and bound within our body.

We can utilize active physical exercises to reduce the conscious perception of these trapped emotions. This is the equivalent of turning the volume on the radio down but not off when trying to hear keeping our bodies in a certain level of somatic dissonanced dis-ease.

But often these physical practices bind these trapped emotions deeper into our tissues.. like a biological Chinese finger trap..

This is why bodywork is so essential to well being. Your tissues are hiding issues below your conscious perception.

When in a surrendered state on the table, you are opening your physical self up to your higher self to receive messages you didn’t know you needed to hear..

Through the passive action of receiving a massage, your body will bring things from your subconscious and into the light of your consciousness.. it’s at that point that these unexpressed emotions can be released and the dis-ease can be dissolved..

Do yourself a favor, book a session with a body worker today.. if not me then someone..

Although I am obviously partial to you booking a session with me, I am more concerned with helping this world heal through one individual at a time.. especially in our current state of affairs.. there are a lot of trapped emotions within all of our bodies.

This is causing the Dis-ease to spread through our culture..

So take a small action of surrendering today, book a session and help the healing:)🙏💜

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