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The issues in the tissues...

There is a saying in the therapeutic community.. “The issues are in the tissues..”

In short this is simply the understanding that the stress we put our body under in daily life as well as with traumatic experiences of varying degrees.. or even worse when those two aspects are combined like in our current state of affairs.. our body maintains that stress in various holding patterns, stiffness/coldness, limited mobility, and idiopathic pain referrals..

Our body is an amazing machine with an incredible memory. Specifically it utilizes this memory to remember past injuries or heavily repeated movement patterns and proceeds to store those memories in the tissues affected to either maintain protection or reduce energy expenditure and increase rate of performance..

Like any body functions, there is a comfortable mid range of health.. too far to either end of the spectrum and disease sets in..

Neuromuscular Therapy works with this concept to release trapped energy/tension patterns in your body. The result is improve mobility, reduced anxiety/depression, risk for injury, pain level, and increased energy for daily life..

If this past year has your mind on the fritz.. switch it up a bit and get some mental relief through your tissues.

Hope you all have an amazing day, in this gift if a life we get to experience if we want to:)

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