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All of music is the same 12 notes.. 12 notes and the octave repeats… all any artist can do is show the works how they see those 12 notes..” -A Star is Born-

What makes my massage different than the others?

Massage is more than a therapeutic tool to me, massage is more than a puzzle to solve,

Massage is more than a feel good time..

Massage for me is an art..

I listen with my hands, process with my heart, and investigate with my mind…

The intuitive blending of tools and techniques, some learned.. some created, is where the art comes..

I blend, release, and reset the emotional energies stored within and around the body..

I draw on my experiences of both the western physical therapy world, as well as my eastern practices of energy and breathe-work..

If you ask folks what makes Van Gogh’s blue chair painting different than other blue chair paintings, they would say there is an energetic presence around it that is lacking in the others.. there is beingness..

I come into my sessions fully mindful and present in the given moment ready to respond with what brushstroke is required at that time..

If you are sick of wasting your money on massages that feel like you could’ve not even been there and the “therapist” could’ve done the same thing, then come see the difference that a mindful practitioner can make..

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